xx Cool pics xx

Dad I need to buy a pig for my phone









You can get rock on fire









Music can be in 3D all dough you hear it







I am scared of hands







An amount of water can make a huge amount of rain







What type of feet should i wear?







Does a  zebra look like a hand to you?







Don’t tickle me





Correct punctuation can save a person’s life.





How to stay young and how to  grow old





10 lies they tell you in high school





Music and friendship





How can you help him?









Turn your face to your left







Advertise – reality







Didn’t he relies?









Do you lie ?







You like my new shoes?









You know ducks have feelings to









Do nails look like hearts to you?









Read backwords





Is Facebook like jail or it is jail ?


6 thoughts on “xx Cool pics xx

  1. you really do know cool stuff keep it up p.s are you jt cause someone posted and i did not know who it was by the way first comment yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh

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