My Stories


Once there was a boy called Mark and he had no friend’s.He was walking along the beach and he decided he wanted to make a friend.Mark saw this boy and asked him “What is your name?”and he replied “Andyou” “Mark” said Mark “what is your name?  ” I’m telling you Andyou””yes my name is Mark and what is your’s”.Andyou had had enough of it so he left.


Robinson Crusoe was travelling on a big sailing ship.There was a terrible storm.He was the only person who did not drown.Robinson found some useful thing’s on the ship:some food,some clothes, some carpenter’s tool’s and 2 guns.Robinson reached an island with his thing’s.The island was beautiful but nobody lived there.Robinson was alone.He watched as the ship sanked.Robinson cut down tree’s and built a small house.He found animal’s and fruit to eat.He found some goats on the island and started a small farm.He had a parrot,which he used to talk to.He learned how to cook and make clothes.He grew corn and how to make bread. But he was alone on the island for 24 years.Then,one day, a man came to the island, and Robinson saved his life.he called this man Friday because that was the day when Robinson saved him.Robinson taught Friday to speak English and Friday helped Robinson on the farm. Finally after 28 year’s, Robinson was rescued by a passing ship.He returned to England and Friday went with him.They were friend’s for the rest of their lives.


I like my feet, they smell of meat

I like the beat, when i walk on my feet,

They know the way, everyday

And they like they bay in May


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